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Alf DaFrè offers wardrobes with swinging doors, wardrobes with sliding doors, wardrobes with coplanar doors, all in different configurations, to suit any room. The wardrobes unite quality and being made to measure at no extra cost.

Pinaca offers custom-made wardrobes with maximum design freedom: multiple finishes, 2 depths, 3 heights, 7 widths, 3 opening options (hinged, sliding and flush), 11 types of smooth, decorated and framed doors.

Wardrobes for bedrooms, studies, entrances and hallways. Poker and Mixer are two ranges of modern wardrobes for bedrooms that are different but complement each other, each with very distinct features and characteristics. Each Alf DaFrè designer wardrobe has a wide variety of materials and finishes to choose from, for an item that is made to measure for the space it is going to inhabit.


Mixer is the designer wardrobe with doors designed and made to the highest quality standards on the market. Refined in its style, compositional solutions and by the premium finishes like wood veneer, silk-screened glass or leather. The Mixer wardrobe for double bedrooms is available with swinging, sliding or coplanar doors.


Poker is an innovative design, a modern fitted wardrobe with enormous modularity. Poker is a modern designer wardrobe that’s unexpectedly versatile: thanks to the multiplicity of compositional arrangements and accessories it offers, it suits any room in the house, from the bedroom to the study, the living room, the laundry or the garage.


made in italy





Custom-made wardrobes with maximum design freedom: multiple finishes, 2 depths, 3 heights, 7 widths, 3 opening options (hinged, sliding and flush), 11 types of smooth, decorated and framed doors.


The perimeter frame is designed to resemble the frame of a work of art: the “bevelled” section provides a discreet yet elegant frame. The doors, available in several glass finishes, reveal the contents with an elegant, fresh style. In the sliding and flush sliding versions, they feature a horizontal profile to match the frame, available in Palladio and Canna di Fucile finishes: a delicate, refined detail that highlights the surfaces and accentuates the structure.


Just as if they were arranged in a personal boutique, your objects and garments must be enhanced and exhibited with elegance and order. The glass doors, defined by a Canna di Fucile or Palladio frame, set off and add a finishing touch to arrangements. The visible interior accessories show off their great ability to efficiently organise spaces with style. The hinged doors come with special pivot hinges that can open at a 180° angle


Aesthetic minimalism and functionality are an unbeatable combo. This wardrobe’s success lies in its consistent simplicity and in the power of its minimal lines. Tratto integrates and blends the door parts while carving the handle out of the panel. Vertically recessed near the edge of the door, it offers a sound grip on both hinged and sliding doors. Surfaces feature uniform materials available in all the lacquers and wood types of the collection.


Nastro offers a vast range of finishes and special solutions to satisfy any aesthetic or functional request: external drawer unit module, bridging module, unit installed above doors, TV unit, open end unit as well as custom-sized solutions. Recessed in the doors, the aluminium, full-height handles draw channels in lacquered colours or in shiny metal finishes.


The geometric door decor offers a juxtaposition of gloss and matt glass surfaces. Various-sized rectangles in different proportions stem from a modern artistic language. The handle has a strong graphic impact, cutting across the doors in a horizontal line that enhances the beauty of the composition. Available matt lacquered or in wood, it is recessed inside the panel of sliding or flush sliding doors.


Lush, eccentric and elegant, embellishments steal the show. Vertical incisions run across the surface of the door, alternating like discontinuous rays of light that sketch dynamic, parallel lines. Gloss or matt, they beautify the glass or mirrored door surfaces. The handles run along the whole height of the inner door edge and come in a lacquered aluminium or metallic finish.


A fresh, modern design inspired by the contemporary lines of minimal aesthetics. The sophisticated shape of the handle – consisting of a vertical groove in the door edge and of an inner surface that can be customised in lacquered, metallic and wood finishes – is reminiscent of the tapered profile of a wing. The doors come in an even wider range of finishes, available in glass, mirror, wood and lacquer, coordinated with or differing from the handle for a tone-on-tone or contrasting effect.


A linear, versatile design sporting sophisticated details. Icona conveys its personality by pairing understated beauty with expressiveness. The handle – recessed into the wood panel – is a distinctive, refined accent that can be customised to suit individual tastes: choose from bright or more neutral lacquer colours, with classic or more sophisticated metallic finishes, in glossy or matt version. Lacquered, in wood or with a textured finish, the doors come in the hinged, sliding and flush sliding versions.


In lacquered or black anodized aluminium, it punctuates the run of vertical modules or tends to blend in when coordinated with the surface finish of the doors available in lacquered glass, mirror, wood and textured finishes as well as man-made leather and matt or gloss lacquers. Long and slightly angled, the handle is designed to form a line that carries on from the frame, giving the door an elegant, linear appeal and offering an excellent grip to any type of hinged, sliding and flush sliding door.


Simple, linear doors are available lacquered, in wood or textured, completed by a vast range of handles to pair with hinged, sliding, flush sliding doors and with 180° Cardine opening hinge. Problem-solving comes naturally to Plana that is also available in special modules: four-season units, over door modules, bridging modules with a desk or TV, modules with external drawer units, household appliances, with open modules, terminal modules and walk-in closets with folding doors and the home office niche: a practical, functional solution to create a workspace at home . Custom-sized modules that can be fitted in any kind of space are also available.


Not just clothes and shelves, but a home office niche for an unexpected, intimate workspace solution. The desk with drawers, the shelves and open modules create a functional, compact workspace, discreetly stowed away behind doors that conceal forms and functions. Amalfi is the perfect aid for interpreting the fluidity of life right now, rather than a hybrid of different genres. Full length door handles, coordinated or contrasting with the door, enhance the linear geometric wardrobe design. Besides the classic opening styles, Amalfi is available with a special hinge for 180° door opening, recalling the hinges on doors and fine furniture in past times.


The Verona wardrobe, with the full charm of old-fashioned reminiscence, is a new take on the classic framed door fronts and plays with squared forms of different dimensions that create encounters of vertical and horizontal lines, and symmetrical and asymmetrical, linear and alternating compositions. A vertical groove in the wardrobe frame, worked into the rising strut, ensures discreet, elegant opening, with no visible handles. It is the sensation of discreet, elegance and gracefulness which reveals itself at the right time. The design highlights the quality of the craftsmanship, the character of the wood and the value of its solid construction.