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Wall Systems Make Modern Shelves

Desire Within Reach

At European Kitchen & Beyond and Furnitalia®, we have products to make your modern home perfect from floor to ceiling. 

Better than freestanding shelves. Wall Systems from BDI, Natuzzi, and BauCloset allow you to remove clutter while keeping all your favorite items nearby.

These modern wall systems are configureable in nearly limitless ways while fully integrating with existing designs — acting as both storage and gallery space.

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Wall systems are safer and more versatile than freestanding shelves because they can be anchored to a wall’s load-bearing structure; giving the ability to free up floor space and “float” shelves above ground.

One of the main advantages of wall systems are their great configurability. Modular components allow you to build the shelving, drawers, and cabinets that exactly match your needs within your available wall and floor space. 

Modern shelving systems are stylish and intensely practical. Wall systems perform better and look great even decades later with our evergreen designs. See how ordinary becomes extraordinary at European Kitchen & Bath.

Our founder has a passion for quality and customer service. Because we are privately-owned, we can afford to go the extra mile to make your project great!

Wall Systems like this unit from BDI are versatile options for modern shelving.

Becker Designed incorporated (BDI)


As endless as your imagination. The BDI Semblance wall system is supremely flexible and customizable. Combine various components — shelves, cabinets, drawers, and tables — to create unique solutions for storage, office, and media. Configure your system using the BDI online design tool or start with a pre-designed system.


With adjustable shelves, cabinets, and drawers, create storage systems or room dividers of any size.


Combine inline, peninsula, and standing desk components with adjustable shelves, cabinets, or other BDI collections to create an ideal office workspace of any size.


A perfect home for media — both old and new. 

BDI Semblance is an open and A/V-friendly cabinet to house electronics as stylishly as it displays a library.



The BauCloset TREND wall system offers almost endless design freedom with a variety of frame colors, panels, and surfaces for partitions, sliding doors, and shelving systems. Bright, airy materials and colors can be used for smaller rooms, while it may sometimes be appropriate to use darker door panels to separate clearly defined areas in large rooms or office.



This modular wall piece is the Swiss Army Knife of modern furniture design. It combines benches, drawers, open compartments, cabinets with and without doors, shelves, wood panelling and sideboards in one beautifully simple design.