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Closets by BauCloset


Four walls — endless possibilities.

Individualized solutions that fit your space like a tailor-made suit. That is the specialty of BauCloset. In order to meet this requirement, every product is manufactured, inspected, and carefully packaged in Europe with millimeter accuracy.

All these features are standard at European Kitchen & Beyond.

Do you already have an idea for your very own personal interior design solution? Do you need ideas on the perfect solution for your room?

Our expert designers are available to help you with planning, a 3D view of your project, precise measurements, and expert onsite assembly of the finished system.

The BauCloset systems are practically limitless to make an ideal space for your storage needs — anything from a walk-in closet to a modest armoire. Come to European Kitchen & Beyond to make the perfect storage solution.

Closets with modern style. Make a custom space that is the perfect storage system for your clothes, accessories, or anything else that you need.