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Welcome to the European Kitchen & Beyond Portfolio. Explore our diverse range of completed projects across three main categories: Remodeling, Home Staging, and Interior Design. Each project showcases our commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and design excellence. Additionally, delve into specific sections featuring our Kitchen, Bathroom, and Storage portfolios to see our specialized work.

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Discover our transformative remodeling projects that blend functionality with aesthetics. From kitchens to bathrooms, see how we bring new life to old spaces.

Interior Design

View our interior design projects that showcase our ability to create cohesive and stylish living environments, tailored to our clients’ unique tastes.

Home Staging

Our home staging portfolio highlights how we enhance the appeal of properties, making them market-ready and attractive to potential buyers.

Specialized Portfolios


Explore our innovative kitchen designs that combine modern functionality with elegant aesthetics. See how we create kitchens that are the heart of the home.


Our bathroom projects highlight luxury and practicality, offering serene and stylish spaces. Discover how we transform bathrooms into personal retreats.


View our storage solutions that maximize space and enhance organization. From walk-in closets to custom cabinetry, see our efficient and elegant designs.

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