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At Bauformat, German quality is their guiding principle. State-of-the-art mechanical production, high environmental standards, and unsurpassed craftsmanship are the bedrock values used to build their highly-automated factories delivering superb modern cabinetry. Day after day, every kitchen shipped from Bauformat is a custom-built product — backed by the Bauformat quality guaranteed.


A good kitchen can host weddings, family gatherings, and other special occasions; with many wonderful days in between. Therefore, consider your new kitchen design as a piece of life planning. Technology by Blum: all of our interior fittings come with a soft-closing function.

Bauformat kitchen Berlin

lift & hinge systems

We offer seamless traditional hinge systems and modern hydraulic lifts, providing effortless access and enhancing your kitchen experience.

box systems

Choose from pull-out drawers, adjustable shelves, or specialized dividers to enhance functionality and aesthetics.

Organization system

Experience the convenience of pull-out trays and baskets, the elegance of built-in spice racks and wine holders, and the efficiency of adjustable shelving.

space towers

These innovative solutions maximize cabinet space with pull-out shelves and baskets, providing easy access to your essentials while keeping your kitchen organized and efficient.


Features like mobile plate modules, food storage boxes and internal pull-outs that provide a home for cookware behind elegant unit fronts, are ingeniously designed in every last detail.

collections & fronts

Our collections of elegant and stylish kitchens designed and imported from Germany

bauformat Salzburg 362 — Paris 551FG319



It ranges from stylishly curved country-style handles to angular, modern designer handles. The whole line-up is complemented by variety of materials, such as aluminium, stainless steel, wood and leather. The option of selecting any handle position gives your kitchen an additional stamp of individuality. You can choose our grip ledges in stainless-steel or brass look as well as in numerous high-gloss and matt lacquer colors. We can also supply the grip ledges with LED illumination. 

Bauformat kitchen knob handle


Bauformat kitchen handle


Bauformat kitchen rail handle

Grip ledges



with optional lighting
(18 colors for grip ledges)

cp one

optionally lacquered
(18 colors for grip ledges)


Elevate the aesthetics of your kitchen cabinets with our wide array of front finishes. Choose from sleek and modern options like high-gloss or UV-lacquered finishes for a contemporary look, or opt for the timeless charm of natural wood finishes.

BAKU 235
Pamplona 343
bauformat Singapur 366
bauformat Girona 540FG304
bauformat Cambridge 550FG241
bauformat Bilbao 556FG272
Bauformat kitchen Enigma


Bauformat kitchen worktops


in a thickness of 16, 25, 39 and 12 mm

Bauformat kitchen bar tops


in a thickness of 90 mm


Bauformat kitchen worktops edges

Postformed edging
in all worktop decors

Modern look with a sharply defined edge radius are the result of decades of product development for the classic, rounded worktop. They leave no margin of doubt with a seamless, hard-wearing laminate finish from surface and front edge radius right through to the underside. The thin particle-board supporting edge on the front lengthways edge provides high impact resistance and creates a calm-looking surface. A Eurospan raw chipboard is used as the core board.

Bauformat kitchen worktops edges

PP edge (1.5 mm thick) in all worktop decors as well as stainless-steel and brass-colored

Your kitchen’s design and layout is as individual as the demands and expectations you have on it. For the worktop to suit any configuration, worktops with a waterproof-bonded decorative edge, a PP edge, give you maximum planning flexibility. Add a further design feature to your kitchen. Reflect other design elements in your kitchen with an edge finish in stainless steel or brass.

Bauformat kitchen worktops edges

Outside/inside corners
rounded or square

Design is a matter of detail. If you favour clean-looking lines and prefer straight, angular contours, choose straight edges. You prefer softer lines, plan all changes in worktop direction with rounded corners.



Key function zones in the kitchen can be illuminated with lighting that’s geared to whatever job is being done, making it a safer place to work in.

Our contemporary LED lighting systems give you the option of dimming light level and matching color temperature to any activity and situation: from inviting and pleasant (warm white, 2,700-3,300 kelvins) and neutral white (3,300-5,300 kelvins) to daylight illumination (cool white, over 5,300 kelvins).

Melamine Front

The melamine front has a scratch-proof and highly durable surface, recommended, say, for heavy duty family kitchens. And as durable as it can get, there are no hard feelings. Fingerprints are hard to find. Highly resistant to abrasion, a melamine front is liquid-repellent too. Even after years of exposure to sunlight, the frontage color finishes keep their radiance. Extremely versatile, you’ll find a wide choice of melamine fronts even at entry-level prices.

Bauformat Baku 235 Quartz grey

Aesthetic appeal: The melamine front is available in a huge range of colors and decor finishes. Coming with a finely textured surface, it leaves no margin of doubt as a timber reproduction with extremely authentic character. Shining melamine surfaces captivate with a particularly high level of gloss and depth of brilliance. Even metallic effects can be produced with melamine.

Featured in the following Bauformat collections:
Baku, Bali, Brest, Siena, Chicago, London

Bauformat melamine front


The lacquered surface of UV-lacquered fronts is extremely tough and hard-wearing. This can be a key benefit in family homes with kitchens that are in use every day of the week. The front’s resiliance is the result of a meticulous manufacturing process: the front of a wood-based material receives several coats of UV lacquer and, after each lacquer coating, cured in a matter of seconds with special, high-energy UV light. This radiation curing process produces particularly hard, easy-to-clean surfaces. Thick laminate edging on all sides is guaranteed to protect even the narrow edges from damage. UV lacquered fronts provide a surprising number of benefits even at entry-level price level.

Aesthetic appeal: Whether high-gloss or silky matt – UV lacquered fronts impress with aesthetic versatility. You can choose whatever you like: our line-up features an attractive selection of UV-lacquered fronts in classic and on-trend color finishes. The all-round thick laminate edging can be selected in front color or in any accent tone.

Featured in the following Bauformat collections:

UV-Lacquered Front


At first sight, the laminate front looks like the melamine front. An untrained eye will hardly tell the difference. Compared to the directly faced melamine front, however, the surface of the laminate front is multi-layered in structure. This comes with a raft of advantages: laminate, for instance, is harder and extremely durable. This also makes it a popular choice for heavily used worktops. Laminate fronts are very hygienic, easy to clean, not affected by moisture and can withstand even heavy everyday wear and tear for years on end.

Aesthetic appeal: Laminate fronts come in a wide range of colors and decor finishes. This material is highly recommended for anyone wanting a seamless look or preferring rounded edges. Because the options that are available open up unmatched creative scope, particularly in combination with laminate.

Featured in the following Bauformat collections:

Laminate Front


Lacquered front surfaces provide a seal that’s completely impervious, comparable with automotive paint finishes in terms of surface hardness and scratch resistance. In the course of the intricate work process, the substrate material is coated with a special 2-component lacquer and then sanded and polished to obtain the chosen surface finish. As one of the very few kitchen furniture manufacturers, we also seal the back of our lacquered fronts with a lacquer which makes them even more durable and hard-wearing. The easy-to-clean, classy-looking fronts justify the higher purchase price.


Aesthetic appeal: Whether in restrained matt lacquer or glamorous high-gloss lacquer – genuine lacquered fronts captivate with expression, aesthetic appeal and a wide variety of colours. Exquisite in visual impact, they reflect the exacting demands and homely nature of outstanding interior design.

Featured in the following Bauformat collections:
Porto, Rhodos, Torino, Girona, Saint Tropez, Potsdam, Salzburg, Strassburg



Our matt glass laminate fronts are almost identical to frosted real glass. The smart, innovative material has many advantages in terms of stability and functionality. It is ten times more resistant to breaking than real glass and 50 percent lighter. The surfaces appeal for their high resistance to scratching in everyday life. They are easy to clean, so they comply with the highest hygiene standards – not least thanks to the special antibacterial coating.

bauformat Glasgow 574

Aesthetic appeal: Glass effects have long been established in contemporary interior design because of their elegant looks and excellent properties. They create exciting effects in a clever interplay with light, for instance linear LED bands in handless designs. The velvety-soft feel of this front is typical. An anti-fingerprint effect ensures that less care is required.

Featured in the following Bauformat collections:

Glass Laminate Front


When the classy, natural look and finely textured wood feel is combined with your personal choice of colour and extreme ease of care, that’s when a lacquered, genuine wood front enters the scene. The frame around every door is made of solid wood, making the whole construction particularly sturdy. The infill is veneered in real wood. This has the advantage of making the doors lighter in weight and more durable. Kitchens designed in this way are also less expensive than kitchens made entirely of solid wood. In a final step, the real wood fronts are coated with a protective lacquer that makes the surfaces hard-wearing. As lacquered fronts don’t have any bonded edges, there’s no need to clean glued joints as is necessary with laminated kitchen fronts. Completely sealed coats of lacquer are relatively easy to look after and keep clean. The high-quality lacquered finish make the hard-wearing material resistant to scratches and abrasion.

Bauformat Cambridge 550FG256

Aesthetic appeal: Kitchens and adjoining areas for dining, living and relaxing in can be planned with lacquered real wood fronts to create a look that couldn’t be more consistent. This design option is particularly popular for the newly interpreted, modern country style. A wide choice of lacquer colors opens up tremendous scope for creative ideas. 

Featured in the following Bauformat collections:

Lacquered Genuine Timber Front


Nature at its best – no two TreeTime fronts are alike. This gives them a truly individual look. The contemporary real wood fronts are defined by a particularly thick veneer. All superbly crafted, there’s a choice of various front finishes in colour nuances ranging from Beechwood to Smoke. A special surface finish, such as a sandblasted one, gives some of them unique expression and a particularly distinctive feel. Each of the real wood options captivates with authentic character and a unique profile. An unobtrusive lacquer seal protects the natural beauty of the wood surface from moisture, dirt and wear. Because they are resilient, durable and hard-wearing, the initial cost of these fronts pays for itself in just a few years.

bauformat Kalmar 642FG314

Aesthetic appeal: When kitchen and living space melt into one, TreeTime thick veneer fronts makes the perfect choice. Whether with or without graining, all but smooth or with a clearly perceptible texture from brushing or sandblasting for example – the naturally grown timber is and remains a classic among the materials used in kitchen and furniture construction.

Featured in the following Bauformat collections:
Mora, Kalmar, Gotland, Falun, Göteborg, Östersund, Sydney, Paris

Thick Veneered Front


Stone is a material that has always fascinated people. It is only in recent years that this piece of good, honest nature has been used in making exclusive kitchens. The use of this relatively heavy material is made possible by clever process of adeptly combining a panel made of certified engineered wood with a layer of real stone. No two fronts are exactly the same – each of them unique from the depths of our planet. The surface is finished with an unobtrusive coat of protective lacquer. In everyday kitchen use, genuine stone is extremely hard-wearing and very easy to maintain. Anyone looking for something truly special can use genuine stone fronts to create a prestigious-looking furnishing solution that’s full of character.

bauformat Bilbao 556FG272

Aesthetic appeal: This look & feel is unique: the layer of real stone on this furniture front enriches every ambience with its exceptional look. The material’s fine, relief-like texture and natural power of expression conjure delightful aesthetic appeal. The prestigious-looking front is particularly effective in high-profile interior design concepts with open floor plans – such as in handleless island solutions or built-in tall units and sideboards.

Featured in the following Bauformat collections:

Stone Veneer Front

Enigma front panel

The Enigma metallic-shimmering front-panel material is an exclusive creation developed in our house. Enigma exudes a truly magic radiance, particularly in combination with light. Scoring with an absolutely unique, irresistible look, the Enigma metallic-shimmering front-panel material is an exclusive creation developed here in-house at Bauformat. Every singe front is one of a kind. The particularly high-gloss front makes fascinating statements and also impresses with its practical qualities: it is scratch and abrasion-resistant and extremely easy to keep clean.

Aesthetic appeal: The Enigma front is a unique eye-catcher and exudes an almost magic radiance, particularly in combination with light. It is a very popular choice for use in combination with other front materials. Five finishes are currently available: Oilslick, Iceblue, Mélange, Oro and Platinum. For people with an eye for the exceptional, Enigma is an exclusive alternative to existing front materials.