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Turn ordinary chores into delightful experiences.


Industrial design is about making life just a bit better — cooking ingredients into cuisine, and converting daily routines into rituals that enrich your life. We offer appliances designed around people — inspiring a world of possibilities.

Because of demanding European markets, European appliances are resource-efficient, perform better, use less space, and are more quiet than conventional brands.

This superior performance is the result of intense design, engineering, and testing to develop extraordinary technology for ordinary needs. You will be delighted and impressed by the difference in European quality.

All these features are standard at European Kitchen & Beyond — featuring Miele, Leibherr, Fisher & Paykel, and Smeg quality appliances.


Master Your Tasks with German-Engineered Appliances

Enjoy modern German appliances like this kitchen combo from Miele.

Miele turns ordinary into extraordinary.

When it comes to European appliances, Miele is an absolute gold-standard for thoughtful design, superior manufacturing, outstanding performance, and resourceful efficiency. In every practical way, Miele appliances work better for lower overall costs than comparable domestic brands. In short, Miele has the best appliances for your home.

Since 1899, Miele remains true to its brand promise “Immer Besser” (Forever Better) — better than their competitors, and better than they already were. For customers, this means that choosing Miele is a commitment to improving their lives … now, and in the future. Miele remains a family-owned, quality-focused company.

Miele appliances are subjected to the strictest stress- and endurance-tests before market launch. Miele’s numerous design awards are a testament to their excellence.

Come see the extraordinary possibilities from Miele at European Kitchen & Beyond.


Miele offers 30”, 36”, and 48” cooking ranges with among the most unique features like Rapid PreHeat, TwinPower Convection oven, Moisture Plus, soft-close + soft-open, ComfortSwivel Handle, and advanced self-cleaning. The sleek minimalist designs of Miele’s ranges fit perfectly into any kitchen. Stainless-steel delivers sanitary, elegant accents, that are beautiful and very practical. 

Enjoy modern German appliances like this gas range-top from Miele.


Miele refrigerators offer unparalleled quality with superior freshness, less spoilage, and more interior room to organize items. Miele’s cooling systems create ideal micro-climates to perfectly regulate moisture-controlled drawers; preserving food up to three times longer than competing brands. Enjoy Miele quality with smooth-gliding drawers, spill-proof glass shelves, soft-close doors, and stable hinges. The ultimate kitchen deserves the ultimate elegant performance from Miele. 


Perfect aroma doesn’t happen by chance. The precision of Miele coffee machines guarantees consistently high-quality enjoyment. The stainless steel conical mill grinds each bean evenly to preserve its full aroma. Then the dynamic AromaticSystem brew chamber blends coffee with water perfectly by expanding during the brewing process. Together they deliver an intense aroma with fewer bitter tones.


Miele dishwashers deliver superior cleaning performance — ultra-quiet operation with commercial-grade heat pumps that produce a high-temperature wash. The Auto-Open door enhances drying while preventing musty interior odors. The self-cleaning cycle sanitizes the tub and filters. The interior can accommodate large plates and odd-size pots and pans.


Miele washers and dryers clean and sanitize clothes while preserving the life of fabrics. Miele uses higher temperatures, more effective agitation, and better chemical agents to deliver the best cleaning performance in the industry. The TwinDos automatic dispenser saves time while ensuring optimum detergent concentration.


Miele vacuums deliver superior allergen removal for your home. Miele’s powerfully quiet motor and brush-heads thoroughly clean many types of surfaces. Advanced filtering yields virtually dust-free usage both while vacuuming and emptying the bag. Miele offers a minimum of 7-year warranty against reduction in suction performance

Miele makes everyday a special occasion …

Liebherr — Applied Ingenuity

Outstanding quality. Timeless design. Unique innovations.

 Preserve your food and your style with Liebherr.

In the field of refrigeration and freezing, the name Liebherr stands for outstanding products and the most extensive product range in the world. The family-run company produces more than 2.1 million fridges and freezers for private and commercial use every year. Every single appliance is developed and produced with the aim of being the best in the world.

Liebherr is one of the world-leading businesses making premium-class fridges and freezers. Materials and components of the highest quality ensure not just incomparable product reliability, but also a unique design.
During the production process, every appliance is tested intensively for quality and functionality.

All appliances are made in line with ISO 900, the most stringent international quality standard, and also comply with the international environmental management standard ISO 14001. In addition, Liebherr tests each new product in professional sound booths to ensure that the noise level is as low as possible. As a result, the appliances are among the quietest on the market.

Because silence isn’t always golden — sometimes it’s stainless steel.


Where better to present style and good taste than the kitchen? The kitchen is the heart of every house, and the lines between living and cooking have become blurred. That is why Liebherr treats fridges as design and lifestyle objects, an approach that has been validated by numerous awards, such as the Reddot Design Award, the IF Product Design Award and the Interior Design Award.

With Monolith, Liebherr heralds a new era of exclusive and luxurious fridges and freezers. The innovative model series makes unique design statements and embodies new dimensions for built-in appliances. With its impressive size, clear lines, innovative functions and especially quiet operation, the elegant Monolith fits seamlessly into any kitchen design — today, tomorrow, and many years later.


Freestanding — The Freestanding line features stainless steel panels and factory-installed handles. Select models can be completely covered in stainless steel. Can be configured to be freestanding or integrated

Fully-Integrated — The Fully-Integrated line can be configured with custom panels and handles, including accessory stainless steel.

Undercounter — The Undercounter line features specialized models for integrated installation.

Monolith — The Monolith line Refrigerator and Freezer has 84” H Columns available in 18-36” widths. Accepts custom panels and handles or accessory Stainless Steel panels and handles.


• Duocooling — (standard) All Liebherr combination refrigerators use an independent wet evaporator in the food compartment and a dedicated dry evaporator in the freezer compartment.

Powercooling — (standard) The Power Cooling fan is located at the top of the fresh-food compartment; and draws air from the refrigerator compartment, then directs it through a wet evaporator before recirculating for optimum temperature & humidity.

BioFresh and BioFresh Plus — (optional on select models) BioFresh compartments condition air to between 32 and 33 degrees at up to 90% humidity which allows food to be stored twice as long or longer with no loss of quality. BioFresh Plus is exclusive to Monolith, and adds additional 28 degree storage compartment.

Fisher & Paykel — Over 80 Years of Innovation

The most human-centered appliance brand in the world.

The best innovators don’t just understand technology, they understand people. Since 1934, Fisher & Paykel has been designing technology that enriches and improves people’s lives. By challenging conventional appliance design, these world-first technologies have changed the way we live forever. In 2014, we celebrated 80 years of this spirit of curiosity.

At the heart of the Fisher & Paykel story are people looking for the innovation that changes the everyday into something out of the ordinary. It appeals to our basic human desire to live life and improve it. Our goal has always been to improve life through good design.

Fisher & Paykel — Over 80 Years of Innovation.



Bring your kitchen vision to life with dishwashers that are exceptionally quiet and can be placed to suit your particular patterns of use for complete design freedom.

Select from styles that perfectly complement your kitchen appliances, or the ultimate in personalization with Integrated dishwashers that blend seamlessly into the kitchen cabinetry.


With the company’s roots in refrigeration, we’ve always understood the role that food care plays in people’s everyday lives. These insights saw the development of the CoolDrawer™, an award-winning multi-temperature drawer-based refrigerator, and the world-first ActiveSmart™ refrigeration technology – further setting Fisher & Paykel apart as a design-led appliance manufacturer. 


In 2004, Fisher & Paykel acquired Dynamic Cooking Systems Inc (DCS), a US-based company specializing in outdoor and indoor cooking products – making a new suite of products available in Australia and New Zealand.

Eight years later, we became a part of Haier Group, leveraging their capabilities and scale to continuing bringing Fisher & Paykel to the world.

SMEG — Technology with Style

Over 70 Years of Italian Design

SMEG has been producing domestic appliances with the finest Italian designs for more than 70 years, with a particular focus on aesthetics, ergonomics, and functionality.

Today, SMEG, an acronym for “Smalterie Metallurgiche Emiliane Guastalla”, indicating the company’s foundation in enamel work and metallurgy, has reached its third generation family ownership, and represents an international group with direct subsidiaries and distributors on five continents.

SMEG products, the perfect combination of refined aesthetics and technological reliability, have transformed simple kitchen appliances into designer furnishings, undisputed examples of the finest Italian design: a range of fully-coordinated domestic appliances with unmistakably refined aesthetics and a well-defined identity of its own.


The SMEG ‘50s Style line was born from the fusion of technology and aesthetics, functionality, and evocation of the unmistakeable shapes and atmosphere of the visionary Mid-Century Modern design (MCM).

Rounded and retro lines and colors are reinterpreted with a modern twist to become heroes of the kitchen. From the iconic FAB28 fridge, to the latest generation of Small Domestic Appliances, the ‘50s Style line is composed of unique, versatile, anti-conformist products, and is dedicated to those who love being surrounded by objects with a strong character, without losing sight of high-quality performance.

Tulip Cooking — Dutch design. Global ingenuity.

Welcome to Tulip Cooking, where Dutch design meets global ingenuity.

Tulip Cooking: Beauty and innovation beyond the surface. With a signature mix of dramatic style, meticulous craftsmanship, and innovative technology, Tulip Cooking brings creativity to the discerning kitchen — helping home chefs express their passion for cooking in the most personalized way possible. Our exceptional gas and induction cooktop systems are made for seamless integration into virtually any countertop.

Designed and handcrafted in The Netherlands. Incorporating the refined yet spirited aesthetic that exemplifies contemporary Dutch design, Tulip Cooking products are prachtigen ingenious — Dutch for “beautiful and ingenious.” Each individual burner unit is meticulously assembled by hand in The Netherlands, to the most exacting quality standards.