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IDEAGROUP — a leader in modern designer bathroom furniture — is synonymous with quality, a dynamic outlook, research, technology, flexibility, and maximized production capacity. Constant research unites all the group’s activities and results in the creation of innovative bathroom furniture and bathroom accessories. This is the group’s strategy by leading the way to meet the challenges of this growing, demanding market. Our constant aim is to meet customers’ needs. IDEAGROUP achieves this among four companies working harmoniously to provide a wide range of furniture that is highly competitive in terms of design, quality, and price.

Electric radiator helios

Helios is a space-saving, multi-function electric radiator with touch controls, the perfect blend of style, design and performance. Using the most advanced technology, it determines the best way to heat a room, avoiding unnecessary energy consumption, keeping its surface temperature low, and switching to standby automatically if the temperature in the room suddenly changes. It can also be controlled remotely.

To complement the bathroom décor, the Helios electric radiator comes in a variety of colors and materials, including frosted glass (Bianco, Nero and any colour of the Ideagroup palette or matt RAL chart), and mirror finish. It is also available in fourteen Laminam Stoneware options to match the Blade shower tray, wall cladding and vanity tops with integrated washbasin, or cabinet fronts from the Dogma collection in the same material.

Touch panel. Remote control.

Helios Tecnogel

L 50 / H 100
L 40 / H 120
L 60 / H 122

Available in Ideagroup’s matt color chart and matt RAL

Special finishes:

Idea Group Helios Radiator
Idea Group Helios Radiator
Idea Group Helios Radiator
Idea Group Helios Radiator
Idea Group Helios Radiator
Idea Group Helios Radiator
Idea Group Helios Radiator
Idea Group Helios Radiator
Idea Group Helios Radiator
Idea Group Helios Radiator

Helios Blade

L 40 / H 120
L 40 / H 150
L 40 / H 180
L 60 / H 122
L 60 / H 152

Finishes Laminam® Gres:

Pietra Grey
Piasentina Taupe
Piasentina Grigio
Diamond Cream
Bianco Assoluto
Ideagroup Stoneware Terra di Pompei (Finitura Opaca O Ruvida)
Terra di Pompei
finitura marmo ardesia nero 1
Ardesia Nero
Ideagroup Stoneware Terra di Matera (Finitura Opaca O Ruvida)
Terra di Matera
finitura marmo ardesia bianco 1
Ardesia Bianco

Helios Glass

L 40 / H 120
L 40 / H 150
L 40 / H 180
L 60 / H 122
L 60 / H 152

Matt White, Black and Ideagroup coulor chart or RAL with frosted glass. Mirror.

Special finishes:

Idea Group Helios Radiator
Bianco satinato
Idea Group Helios Radiator
Idea Group Helios Radiator
Nero satinato

Plexy accessories

Disenia shower accessories lend a distinguishing touch of style to the shower cubicle. Our towel and bathrobe hangers are made of chromed aluminium and have a modern, streamlined design, offering a perfect space-saving solution for hanging a towel or robe directly to the shower enclosure. A comprehensive collection of plexiglas accessories complements the Disenia product range. Utility and ease of use are the key characteristics of our range of modern, stylish accessories: compact solutions that easily blend with the shower enclosure and complete the bathroom décor.

A collection of plexiglass accessories designed with functionality and ease of use in mind. The collection includes hook over shower caddies (also for showers with sliding doors), bath stools, storage shelves, robe hooks and squeegees.

Modula collection of shelves and towel holders

A line of aluminium wall-mounted accessories, available chrome finish as standard, or in any color in the Ideagroup matt lacquer palette or Metal Color range (Rame, Titanio, Oro). These accessories (shelves, shelves with a soap dispenser/tumbler, towel holders, toilet roll holders) have an aluminium frame and can be finished with a matt white Acritek insert. They are removable, and can be designed for right or left-hand installation.
The soap dispenser and free-standing toilet brush holder have a chrome finish.

Shelf with soap dispenser and tumbler

W 40/80 x H 4 x D 8.6 cm


W 40/80 x H 4 x D 8.6 cm

Towel holder

W 4 x H 6 x D 4.6 cm

Shelf with toilet roll holder

W 52 x H 4 x D 8.6 cm

toilet brush holder

Chrome finish

Mal aluminium shelf with/without towel rail

Aluminium shelf with/without towel rail. Available in black, inox and in any matt and metal colours in the Ideagroup palette.

W 45/60/70/90/105/120 x H 7 x D 12.7 cm
R or L, W 70/90/105/120 x H 7 x D 12.7 cm
Dimensions of towel holder: W 30 x D 4 cm

Ceiling-mounted stainless steel towel rail

Ceiling-mounted stainless steel towel rail (glossy, brushed or black versions available).

W 50 x H 140/160/180 x Th. 10 ceiling-mounted, and 5 cm thick towel holder