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Welcome to our curated selection of vanities, where we invite you to discover the epitome of bathroom luxury through two distinguished brands: Badea from Germany and Ideagroup from Italy. Each brand brings a unique blend of heritage, innovation, and design prowess to the realm of bathroom furnishings, promising an unparalleled fusion of style, functionality, and craftsmanship. Embark on a journey to elevate your personal space with vanities that embody the essence of German precision and Italian artistry.

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A TRUSTED BRAND from germany

Whether it‘s user-friendly, convenient furniture or washstand – badea combines brand quality with years of experience and responsible production in the Ostwestfalen-Lippe region in Germany. May your new bathroom bring you lasting pleasure.

The management and the entire team at badea have set themselves the goal of preserving an intact environment for future generations. It is in this way that we make a reliable contribution to protecting our climate.

Thanks to the special anti-fingerprint effect, finger marks on the surface are either invisible or barely noticeable.

The pull-out opens with TipOn function, presenting its interior in the new frontcolor Kito steel.

Whether elegant or modern – the style of a bathroom always reveals something about its users too. The badea range has the right solution for every taste: from furniture to washstand. You can choose from an extensive range of shapes and colours to meet your own personal style. Our many bathroom furniture specialists — also near you — will provide you with expert advice.

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specific experience and know-how from italy

Our companies’ values really make our products wonderful examples of the concept of “made in Italy”: creativity, our tradition as furniture makers since 1987 and above all quality, which is the natural characteristic of a company that caters for its customers’ requirements on a daily basis.

Ideagroup guarantees the reliability, safety and durability of its products, which combine great good looks and functionality in well-balanced, affordable items.

Our bathroom furniture is designed and built in Italy, a characteristic that further enhances the elegance and added value of the furniture.

Ideagroup, a leader in the creation of modern designer bathroom furniture, is synonymous with quality, a dynamic outlook, research, technology, flexibility and maximised production capacity.

An international company firmly rooted in its territory, Veneto, Ideagroup has maintained and developed values and traditions that make it stand out on the market for the production of bathroom furniture labelled Made in Italy.