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See the modern AQUA bathroom furniture collections from IDEAGROUP — featuring contemporary styling and a host of stylish, functional accessories — giving your bathroom décor a personal, comfortable, and efficient air with its fresh styling!


Initially created as a space-saving arrangement of floor-standing wall modules for storing everyday bathroom essentials, maximising space and hiding unsightly plumbing after bathroom renovation work, the Wall storage boiserie system is expanding its horizons. No longer restricted to bathrooms, this versatile, stylish storage solution also thrives in passageways, hallways, entrances and corridors. The Wall storage boiserie system is also an excellent solution in living areas and bedrooms; tucked behind the headboard, it provides storage space for everyday items, books, and décor, while smoothly integrating with your bedroom routine.


The new collection, whose name is inspired by Rome’s high-end shopping district, a fashionable street that embodies Italian taste and style worldwide, is characterised by the introduction of a new vertical repeat pattern on cabinet fronts and sides. The shallow grooves that run up and down the surface create a play of light and shade that follows an irregular pattern, producing seamless, contemporary visual appeal.


The revamped style of the highly successful Sense modern bathroom furniture collection by Aqua brings the concept of texture to the fore: new styling for designer bathroom furniture that combines highly technological materials with the strong, textured finish of wood.


Nyù by Aqua, a collection of discreet, elegant bathroom furniture distinguished by clean-cut details, that adapts to the most diverse styles and contemporary living trends. Nyù bathrooms offer a balanced combination of sophisticated materials and attractive colours, with every single detail perfectly in line with the style of the home and those who live in it.


A modern interpretation of timeless elegance and skilful craftsmanship, Dolcevita is a bathroom furnishing collection in which materials are emphasised by the iconic, sinuous lines and fluted design of the modular units. Shadows and light alternate in a continuous interplay of subtle references, adding three-dimensional depth.


The key focus of the Dogma furnishing collection is on sleek geometric shapes and modular volumes enhanced by textured materials, such as Rovere wood, Stoneware and Marble. Vibrant lacquered finishes and meticulous attention to detail create a natural visual effect, transforming the bathroom into a peaceful sanctuary.