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The technical ultra-compact stone from spain

The Dekton® slab has been optimized with its most common applications in mind to create a new format with improved cost, design, installation and handling. Introducing our first Optimma family format specifically for cladding:

Optimma format: 102” x 39” x 4 mm AND 96″ x 64″ x 8 mm


The slabs are created in 4 mm thickness, which gives it a lightness that allows easy handling, and in case of need, it can be easily cut to adapt the product to all spaces.

Cost Efficiency

The sizes were optimized to the most common cladding standards, this allows us to avoid waste, which in turn reduces price

Design with Purpose

The slab has been created to take advantage of its total height, which makes it much easier to cut it for cladding

Design Match

The design has been conceived to place the boards vertically to create a continuous design

Easy to Install

The product is smaller and lighter, which makes it easier to use transport and handle. Cutting can be done with simple tools. The edges are already beveled and the piece is always meshed

Dekton Optimma

What is


A collection that unites the poetic and unique beauty of stones harnessed by Dekton® technology, as those dreams where we observe and vaguely feel in control but only the deepest part of our mind truly understands. The collection is named in honor of the lavish inspiration of the two worlds conveyed in marbled colors to captivate our eyes and bring to any space a feeling we understand but cannot explain.