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High aesthetic value and performance in vertical cladding

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The technical ultra-compact stone from spain

Presenting Dekton® Slim, the new, large format surface with an ultra-thin 4-mm thickness that offers unlimited design options and incredible ease of installation and transport. Its lightness and reduced thickness make it the most durable, high-performance surface for bathroom cladding, as well as all types of furniture (doors, drawers, etc.).

Dekton Slim-format


The thinnest X-Gloss surface.The widest possibilities. Dekton X-Gloss is the most ultra-thin surface on the market. Simply revolutionary. Dekton® Slim is very simple to install and can be cut with great ease. It is the ideal surface to personalise your furniture with innovative designs.

Dekton X-Gloss

Dekton® Slim with our X-Gloss finish is the thinnest and most lightweight polished material available on the market. It boasts highly technical features making it very resistant, yet also lightweight, very easy to handle and install, and perfect for both inside and outside spaces.

Mirror Effect

Cosentino’s vast experience and expertise in treating and polishing natural stone over generations has enabled us to create a completely smooth surface with an almost entirely clear reflection.

Damp-proof Surface

It is highly resistant to stubborn stains, thanks to our X-Gloss nanotechnology that is unique to the market, and also boasts water-repellent properties.

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Maximum resistance

Against humidity with the minimum number of joints Dekton® Slim is the ultra resistant to moisture and stains ideal for bathrooms. A high performance product that requires no maintenance other than a simple wet cloth.

cladding options

Dekton® Slim creates furniture with unprecedented performance: tables that are resistant to everything and doors that neither scratch nor stain.
The design possibilities are endless since it is cut to measure and easy to install.

Bathroom Cladding

Maximum resistance against humidity
with minimal joints.

Kitchen Cladding

Reduced thickness,
infinite possibilities

Furniture Cladding

Transforms your home
furniture with beautiful,
highly resistant surfaces.

What is


A collection that unites the poetic and unique beauty of stones harnessed by Dekton® technology, as those dreams where we observe and vaguely feel in control but only the deepest part of our mind truly understands. The collection is named in honor of the lavish inspiration of the two worlds conveyed in marbled colors to captivate our eyes and bring to any space a feeling we understand but cannot explain.