Turning Routines into Experiences

By challenging conventional appliance design, these world-first technologies have changed the way we live forever

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The kitchen is the humble engine room in which we choose to live — where we create, socialise and enjoy the best that life has to offer. Cooking is a social activity. We generally place the key appliances in what we consider to be logical places: the work triangle of cooktop, sink and fridge. But we no longer cook in straight lines. We don’t cook on conveyor belts. Sometimes we assemble, sometimes we bake, sometimes we stir-fry and sometimes we boil. We don’t cook the same way every day: we can be a weekday cook and a weekend gourmet. The work triangle limits our creativity. It’s not just about efficiency; sometimes it’s about fun. Too many cooks may spoil the broth or they may create a wonderful, social and enjoyable meal. Let’s reclaim the kitchen. Let’s live outside the triangle.


Every food and wine has unique climate requirements for the best of care.

Explore cooling solutions that allow you to master temperature with degree–perfect accuracy. Lock in freshness, flavor and nutrients for longer and avoid food waste. Heighten the quality of your wine tasting experience with optimized climates that give your collection the best possible opportunity to age gracefully and build complexity over time.


Even subtle changes in temperature and humidity can affect the quality of culinary creation, nutritional content and depth of flavor.

Perfect results in the kitchen come from Mastery of Temperature. Explore combinations of combination steam, convection, induction and gas appliances that allow you to introduce the right heat source at the right moment, and hold at the exact temperature for perfect flavor and texture.


As kitchen and living spaces are increasingly blurred, managing the unwanted by–products of cooking becomes increasingly important.

Explore quiet and powerful ventilation solutions that do more than keep the air clean — they ensure your kitchen cabinetry and furniture remain in pristine condition and enhance the social qualities of the heart of the home.


Twenty–five years ago, we revolutionized the way people do the dishes with the DishDrawer™ Dishwasher.

Today, our innovative dishwashing solutions deliver even greater ergonomic benefits and cleaning and drying performance. Explore dishwashing solutions designed for luxury in every interaction, and turn a chore into a beautiful experience.


Five refined design styles give you the freedom to create the kitchen that complements your design aesthetic, perfectly fits the space and turns daily routines into beautiful rituals.


Extend the understated aesthetic of a kitchen furnished with Integrated style appliances, with panel-ready warming drawers designed to match.


Contemporary companion appliances feature clean lines and complementary tonal contrasts designed to match the aesthetic of all appliances.


Clever LED halo-illuminated dials provide heat information at a glance, while the exceptional power of the burners gives refined performance.


Experience the perfect blend of a heritage aesthetic with modern performance in a Classic range. Choose by color and by preferred cooking performance.


Celebrating a singular aesthetic to blend seamlessly into the kitchen, Minimal style ovens feature subtle textural and tonal contrasts for a sense of refinement and purity.