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The design of Idea bathroom furniture is elegant and refined and goes from innovative to evergreen classical lines

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from the most innovative to the most classic solutions from italy

Perfection is in the details. The IDEA line of designer bathroom furniture by IDEAGROUP is a sophisticated modern design for elegant bathrooms where smart, essential lines prevail. They are devoted to constant creative research and development to perfectly harmonize innovative materials, shapes, and finishes. Every bathroom project can combine accessories and finishes to meet all tastes, and is designed to for optimal comfort, functionality, and beauty. Every single detail reflect modern elegance!


It gets a new look, with new modular solutions and finishes, including aluminium-framed glass doors. A project that uses the essential language of architecture to fit naturally into any environment and harmonise with different lifestyles.


Form by Idea is a collection of highly customisable modern bathroom furniture in which the cabinets can be floor-standing or suspended, linear or curved, with doors provided with grip profiles or framed.

my time

My Time is a versatile collection of modern bathroom furniture consisting of highly modular pieces that easily adapt to any requirement in terms of space and personal taste.

my seventy plus

My Seventy Plus modern bathroom furniture by Idea explores all the shapes of designer bathroom furniture, from soft, gentle ones to more linear ones with which to create endless compositions.