The Right Vacuum Cleaner for Your Home

From bagged and bagless to cordless and robot, we’ve got the perfect solution for you.

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We offer vacuum models for every type of household, regardless of size and flooring, with options to further personalize your vacuum based on your individual needs. Whether you need specific tools for pet hair, best-in-class HEPA filtration, or something small yet powerful… Miele has a solution for you.

Vacuum Cleaners

Our innovative 3-vacuums-in-1 design, combined with a powerful battery, gives you the flexibility and unrestricted mobility needed to tackle any type of flooring. Quickly and easily change between the different ergonomic designs and effortlessly clean every part of your home.


Enjoy maximum flexibility: the PowerUnit of your Miele Triflex HX1 Vacuum Cleaner can be attached to the top or bottom of the appliance. This means you can easily vacuum underneath flat furniture or across large spaces effortlessly. You can also use the PowerUnit on its own: perfect for quickly vacuuming car seats or the couch. 


Do you just need to pick up a few crumbs on the couch or vacuum your car seats? It’s easy with the PowerUnit solo: you can simply detach it and use it independently from the suction wand and the Electrobrush. This makes it quick and easy to use – you save time while ensuring cleaning is efficient and effective.


A wide range of options: regardless of whether you want to vacuum underneath flat furniture or pick up dust on the ceiling – thanks to the PowerUnit attached to the top of the Triflex HX1, you have maximum flexibility. The vacuum cleaner can easily get under beds or cupboards – for perfect cleanliness in your home.

Vacuum Cleaners

Hygienic emptying with the push of a button, matched with the same high performance you’ve come to expect from us. With exceptional suction power and filtration options, be sure to capture dust, dirt, allergens and everything in between.


Innovative sensors measure the air throughput of the GORE® CleanStream® fine dust filter and automatically activate the ComfortClean self-cleaning function as needed. To complete this, the appliance switches off for about 20 seconds. The ComfortClean function can also be activated manually.


The Boost CX1 Bagless Vacuum Cleaner from Miele follows obediently on the heels of its user thanks to TrackDrive. Wheels on the sides of the appliance lend it stability and direction. This protects both furniture and door frames from damage. 

Always at hand

Miele Canister Vacuum Cleaners are equipped with 3 high-quality, standard attachments: upholstery nozzle, crevice nozzle, and dusting brush. Depending on the model, the standard attachments are either integrated or – exclusively with Miele – on a VarioClip for easy access.

Vacuum Cleaners

A classic design and for good reason. Our bagged models need to be emptied less, capture dust effectively, and provide extreme suction power. We offer a variety of sizes, features, and cleaning tools so that you can choose the best option for your home and living situation.


All Miele canister vacuum cleaners have power cords that are easy to rewind with a foot switch. Compact C2, Complete C3 and Blizzard CX1 models come with an added convenience feature requiring only one tap of the foot switch.

without tedious stooping

The floorhead is simply hooked onto the rear of the vacuum cleaner, leaving the suction tube in a secure position ready for use again. Particularly intelligent: On select Complete C3 models, the motor switches off automatically in park position.


The flexible hose connector enables comfortable, ergonomic handling. The lever action allows the floor head to be maneuvered more easily and takes pressure off your wrist.

Vacuum Cleaners

Every bit as advanced and thorough as you’d expect; our robot vacuums do your vacuuming for you, so you can spend more time on the things you like. The self-charging mode, combined with a special suction system that adapts to your flooring, ensure it operates autonomously.


The suction system with its 4 special features guarantees first-class cleaning performance. 1. Sweeping side brushes carry coarse dirt under the appliance. 2. A roller brush then reliably catches this dirt and carries it to the front suction opening. 3. The rear suction opening ensures that fine dirt is removed thoroughly. 4. Thanks to a powerful blower, the dirt lands securely in the appliance’s dust box. 


Two front cameras give the Scout RX3 high-precision, three-dimensional object recognition. It measures the distances to potential obstructions automatically and navigates safely around them. This prevents furniture and objects from being damaged. Even complex room structures are not a problem with the Scout’s 3D Smart Navigation.


Thanks to a powerful lithium-ion battery, the Scout runs for longer on a single battery charge. If the battery charge is still not sufficient, the Scout returns to the charging station for recharging. It will then resume from where it left off – fully automatically.