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All Miele kitchen appliances are designed to enjoy a long lifespan, have a strong focus on sustainability through efficiency and innovative features, and further enrich your kitchen with timeless looks.


Built-in ovens placed independently of the cooktop for greater installation flexibility, steam ovens well-suited for delicious healthy meals, and combination ovens that bring cooking techniques together – we have a Miele oven for every type of kitchen and chef.

Food View

FoodView sends updates directly from your Miele appliances and allows you to make adjustments remotely from your phone, so you can multi-task like never before and still achieve the same delicious results.

Taste Control

Create consistently perfect meals without being in the room. TasteControl automatically opens the oven door when the cooking time is finished – preventing overcooking and keeping food warm until you return.

Moisture Plus

Control your oven’s climate with MoisturePlus. Strategically timed steam bursts and carefully-engineered settings ensure roasts remain moist and your baked goods rise to a fluffy, full height.

Wireless Precision Probe

Cook juicy roasts and bake fish to flaky perfection with the Wireless Precision Probe. Live updates are connected directly to your oven’s interface so you achieve extraordinary results every time.

Dual Steam

Experience fast heat-up times and short cooking durations, all while maintaining extremely uniform temperature and humidity levels.

Combi Cooking

Cook different ingredients like never before. Combi Cooking allows you to create a perfect balance of moisture and hot air to ensure the best baking and roasting results for any combination.

Warming & Vacuum Sealing Drawers


Give high-quality meat the treatment it deserves by Slow Roasting: This professional method cooks meat gently at low temperatures, so it retains a great deal of its natural flavor and nutrients. 


Preheat your cups really easily for that perfect coffee. Or enjoy preheated plates in the evening. And the Slow Roasting function is ideal for when you want to cook tender, succulent meat.


By extracting air and oxygen, your food is optimally prepared for sous-vide cooking in the steam oven. 


You’ve got your hands full? No problem – just push on the drawer gently and it will open straightaway, thanks to the practical Push2open mechanism.


When it comes to ranges, Miele offers you the style you want in the size you need. Full ranges and range tops available in 30-inch, 36-inch, and 48-inch widths, on top of three different fuel configurations… all-gas, induction, and dual-fuel. Miele ranges offer the convenient controls, cooking options and delicious cooking results. 


No need to touch the appliance, MotionReact is a sensor that turns on the light when it detects movement at close range. It is especially useful if your hands are full or dirty from prepping food.


Operate your Miele Range from anywhere on your smart phone or tablet with WiFiConn@ct. Explore different settings and programs, while having the ability to network your Miele appliances with the Miele@home app.

Moisture Plus

Adds a burst of steam for extraordinary roasting and baking results ensuring an incredibly light dough and a nicely browned crust.

Wireless Precision Probe

Precise temperature control, with correct-to-the-minute information on how long a program has to run. With a wireless connection, the roast probe is extremely safe to use as you can insert the probe outside of the oven.

Backlit Knobs

Backlit precision knobs allow
you to see if the burner has been turned off after cooking. Cooling system and cool-touch front allow maximum protection keeping all surfaces around the Range cool.

M Touch

Innovative M Touch controls allow for easy navigation through an intuitive swipe of the screen. The touch-activated ComfortLift Panel is designed to provide optimum comfort and ease.

Burner Performance

The M Pro dual stacked burner system, with TrueSimmer, deliv- ers a maximum of 19,500 BTUs; allowing for absolute control whether simmering or searing your favorite foods. M Pro infrared griddle and M Pro grill options are available.

Harmonious Design

Redefined professional look aligns harmoniously with Miele products. Available in All Gas, Dual Fuel, Electric and Induction, ranging in widths from 30”, 36” and 48”, which features a unique 3-door concept.


Designed to be installed independently or perfectly fit with existing elements; our induction, electric and gas cooktops, and also our combisets perfectly complement your personal taste and usage.


New 3D glass design

Direct Selection touch controls

PowerFlex technology — combines two zones into a squared large zone for multiple cooking options

Flush mounted

Ventilation Hoods

Available as wall-mounted and island models, as built-in and ceiling extractors, or even integrated into our induction cooktops. Miele ventilation hoods can function as classic or modern eye-catching centerpieces to your kitchen, or seamlessly blend in for a clean and unobstructed view.


Miele Ventilation Hoods are equipped with a 10-ply stainless-steel grease filter and guarantee a high-level of grease removal. The top layer and the filter frame are made of high-quality stainless steel, meaning that there is no visible discoloration as a result of dishwasher cleaning and it retains its sleek appearance for a long time.


Thanks to the automatic Con@ctivity function, the ventilation hood can communicate with the cooktop below: The settings selected on the cooktop are transmitted to the controls on the hood. Your Miele Ventilation Hood then uses this data to automatically select the correct fan setting, ensuring the optimum room climate at all times.


The ventilation hood will switch off automatically after 10 hours. This ensures maximum safety even in case of operating errors.


If the grease or active charcoal filter of your ventilation hood(s) is saturated, the red LED indicator will light up. The grease filter saturation indicator can be programmed for 20, 30, 40 or 50 hours, the indicator for active charcoal filter replacement for 120, 180 or 240 hours.

Refrigerators & Freezers

Discover the conveniences of a modern refrigerator, freezer, or wine unit. Regardless of type and model, our appliances are available with various smart innovations; consistent temperature and humidity on every level, no defrosting required, quiet and economic operation, and more.


Ice-cooled drinks professionally and quickly: the automatic IceMaker can produce up to 150 ice cubes every day.


The MasterCool Freezer gives you superb convenient features: At the touch of a fingertip on the touch display you are served ice and water from the through-the-door dispenser.


The drawers of your Miele MasterCool appliance provide the perfect climate for the gentle storage of your food. Thanks to the innovative SmartFresh function, the refrigerator temperature is particularly low, meaning vitamins and minerals are preserved for a long time.

wine storage


Miele wine units feature up to three temperature zones with separate temperature controls. They can be used to store up to three different types of wine.


The variable wooden shelves hold every size of bottle securely. The individual slats can be rearranged with ease to adjust to bottle sizes. Even magnum bottles can be stored ideally to save space.


The new SommelierSet is always ready with all the equipment you need. Enjoy champagne and white wine in chilled glasses and perfectly condition wine bottles even after they have been opened. 


Our range of dishwashers are designed to be placed under an existing countertop, semi-integrated so it seamlessly blends with kitchen furniture, or built-in and hidden for a minimalistic look. There’s one for every kitchen setup.


AutoDos with integrated PowerDisk, automatically dispenses the correct amount of detergent in accordance with the selected program and degree of soiling.


Our dishwashers can be perfectly integrated into handleless kitchens – the door opens automatically by tapping twice

M Touch S/V

M Touch controls are both easy-to-operate and navigate. An intuitive swipe of the screen will quickly lead you to your desired selection.


When hygiene is especially important, this program offers temperatures high enough
to remove germs from baby bottles,chopping boards, utensils, etc.

Quick Intense Wash

Excellent cleaning and drying results for normally soiled dishware in 58 minutes.

FlexLine Baskets

These baskets offer incredible flexibility for loading and cleaning all kinds of dishware and utensils.

Clean Touch Steel

This innovative finish resists fingerprints, scratches and smudges. A special treatment stands up to aggressive handling – keeping the exterior cleaner and easier to maintain.

Brilliant Light

4 powerful LED lights illuminate the dishwasher from the inside out – creating a crystal clear appearance.

Coffee Machines

For carefully crafted coffee at the touch of a button. With features such as silent bean grinding, perfect foamy milk froth, and personalized settings per cup. Available as stylish countertop models, or built-in to perfectly blend with existing appliances.

One Touch for Two

The OneTouch for Two function allows two glasses of latte macchiato, cappuccino, coffee or espresso to be made at the same time

Aromatic System

Intensive coffee aroma submerges the home with this intelligent technology.

Easy to use

Intuitive and convenient: Make your perfect specialty teas and coffees oh so easily, at the touch of a button.


The CupSensor recognizes the height of your cup automatically and positions the central spout accordingly. This prevents splashes and enables large latte macchiato glasses to be positioned with ease. 

Coffee Select

Featured on the CM7 machine, enjoy 3 bean containers where your coffee specialty is always prepared with the right coffee bean.

Coffee Pot Function

At the touch of a button, Miele Coffee Machine dispenses up to 8 cups of coffee one after the other into a coffee pot placed under the spout. You can also prepare water to fill an entire teapot just as easily.

Automatic Rinsing

After making special coffee drinks that require milk, the machine is cleaned automatically.


With the convenient EasyClick milk system, the milk system simply clicks into place at the front in the appliance door and is just as easily removed.