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Take advantage of the beautiful West-Coast weather all year round with fantastic outdoor furniture from Vondom.

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Vanguard In & Out furniture from italy

European Designs Thrive in the California Sun. Furnitalia is your source for your modern Northern California home … both indoors and outdoors. Visit Furnitalia.com to browse all in stock Vondom furniture.

Guided by a firm commitment, passion and respect for design, Vondom has become a leading outdoor furniture design brand in just a decade.

This has been achieved with a strong business strategy guiding every aspect of the company, from marketing, production and quality through to design and promotion. Most important of all, however, is our sustained commitment to R&D&I, a clear example of innovation that, together with the professionalism of our workforce, has managed to create synergies for success.

What does the future hold? Remaining committed to our core values and, above all, seeking ways to chart new paths to excellence as Vondom Revolution, our sustainable commitment to a better world.


Design culture is key to successfully transferring this philosophy to our creations and guides every step we take. We understand design as a point of boldness – changing and chameleon-like. It is a tool that allows us to innovate without losing functionality.

Outdoor furniture Vondom

European Quality

All our furniture is made by skilled craftspeople to rigorous standards for demanding international markets.

Outdoor furniture Vondom

Advanced Materials

Our furniture and finishing surfaces are specifically designed and built for durable outdoor performance using advanced materials and injection molding for optimal durability and comfort.

Outdoor furniture Vondom

Modern Design

Modern outdoor furniture is very stylish and intensely practical. All the products use state-of-art construction methods to look great even decades later with evergreen modern designs.

Outdoor furniture Vondom

Customer Satisfaction

Our founder has a passion for quality and customer service. Because we are privately-owned, we can afford to go the extra mile to make your project great!


Let Your Love of the Sun Shine Through! Our challenge is to give life to each of our pieces, achieving a natural dialogue between environment and form. The result is the creation of spaces that reach a new dimension, where simplicity is the new sophistication.


So, true to our ideas, we make each of our collections unique by collaborating with renowned designers and using the most advanced production techniques, all supported by high-quality, weather-resistant, sustainable materials.

Vondom is an attitude; a lifestyle.


Comfortable and stylish sofas for indoor/outdoor settings.

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Luxurious daybeds for outdoor relaxation.

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Elegant canopies for shade and style.

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lounge chairs

Comfortable and chic chairs for relaxing.

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Diverse selection of modern chairs.

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Stools & ottomans

Versatile seating options.

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Sun chaises

Comfortable loungers for soaking up the sun.

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Elegant and functional benches for seating and decoration.

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Sleek and practical counters for versatile applications.

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dining tables

Sophisticated tables for dining areas.

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high tables

Tall tables ideal for casual gatherings.

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low tables

Functional and stylish low tables.

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Modern lighting solutions for indoor and outdoor use.

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Contemporary planters to complement any decor styles.

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Decorative items to enhance any space.

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