The slim, uninterrupted line of the frame draws a discreet and minimal outline.

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In lacquered or black anodized aluminium, it punctuates the run of vertical modules or tends to blend in when coordinated with the surface finish of the doors available in lacquered glass, mirror, wood and textured finishes as well as man-made leather and matt or gloss lacquers. Long and slightly angled, the handle is designed to form a line that carries on from the frame, giving the door an elegant, linear appeal and offering an excellent grip to any type of hinged, sliding and flush sliding door.

Door types:

Pianca Cornice


Pianca Cornice


Pianca Cornice



Cornice closet modules can be equipped with all internal Pianca accessories.


  • Wooden shelf
  • Wooden shelf synthetic leather insert
  • Glass shelf
  • Glass shelf with Manganese frame and LED light
  • Glass shelf with wooden frame and LED light


  • Pull-down rod
  • Standard or Lux hanging rod
  • Belt, tie holder fixed on the side, partition
  • Fixed tie holder
  • Pull-out knob recessed inside the shelf
  • Pull-out hanging rod


  • Ring hangers
  • Rod
  • Man hangers
  • Woman hangers
  • Boxes with lid
  • Drawer mat
  • Trays with scarves, ties and belt dividers
  • Valet trays
Pianca mirror


  • Pull-out and swiveling mirror attacched to the side of sliding and flush sliding door wardrobes
  • Swiveling mirror attacched to the side
  • Fixed mirror attached to the back of hinged doors
  • Mirror finishing side

Drawer fronts

  • Wooden
  • Glass
  • Miro glass front with metal frame
  • Synthetic leather


  • Vertical LED lights for wardrobe modules
  • Horizontal recessed LED lights for shelves and tops
  • Shelf with LED light inserted in the frame

Drawer units top

  • Wooden
  • Synthetic leather
  • Glass top with wooden or metal frame and LED light

Pull-out frames

  • Trouser rack
  • Metal shoe rack
  • Glass shelf
  • Wooden shelf
  • Hampers in tufted fabric with or without wooden front

Shoe shelves

  • Wooden shoe shelf
  • Shoe shelf with metal shoe stopper

Drawer units

  • Floor sitting
  • Suspended
  • T elements with open upper compartment
  • T elements flush with a unit top
  • On castors


All internal finishes are available for: Base, Top, Shelves, Internal Sides, Backs and Partitions.

Available for Internal finishes only

PIANCA 522 Borgogna
522 Borgogna
PIANCA 518 Noce Dorato
518 Noce Dorato
PIANCA 520 Larice Tortora
520 Larice Tortora
PIANCA 501 Bon Ton
501 Bon Ton
PIANCA Perlage Terra
Perlage Terra
PIANCA Perlage Conchiglia
Perlage Conchiglia

Available for Doors only

Pianca Bianco lacquered
Bianco lacquered
Pianca Seta lacquered
Seta lacquered
Pianca Roccia lacquered
Roccia lacquered
Pianca Piombo lacquered
Piombo lacquered

Available for Doors only


Available for Doors only

Materico Bianco
Materico Bianco
PIANCA 518 Noce Dorato
518 Noce Dorato
PIANCA 520 Larice Tortora
520 Larice Tortora
Materico Seta
Materico Seta
Materico Ecrù
Materico Ecrù
Materico Cenere
Materico Cenere
523 Vinile
523 Vinile

Available for Internal finishes only

PIANCA Duna 801 Bianco
Duna 801 Bianco
PIANCA Duna 802 Seta
Duna 802 Seta
PIANCA Duna 916 Cashmere
Duna 916 Cashmere
PIANCA Duna 917 Ecrù
Duna 917 Ecrù
PIANCA Duna 918 Fango
Duna 918 Fango
PIANCA Duna 919 Espresso
Duna 919 Espresso
PIANCA Duna 914 Nebbia
Duna 914 Nebbia
PIANCA Duna 923 Cipria
Duna 923 Cipria
PIANCA Duna 922 Miele
Duna 922 Miele
PIANCA Duna 924 Mattone
Duna 924 Mattone
PIANCA Duna 926 Tabasco
Duna 926 Tabasco
PIANCA Duna 927 Malva
Duna 927 Malva
PIANCA Duna 921 Roccia
Duna 921 Roccia
PIANCA Duna 928 Avio
Duna 928 Avio
PIANCA Duna 933 Onice
Duna 933 Onice
PIANCA Duna 920 Bosco
Duna 920 Bosco
PIANCA Duna 929 Mirto
Duna 929 Mirto
PIANCA Duna 930 Oceano
Duna 930 Oceano
PIANCA Duna 803 Cenere
Duna 803 Cenere
PIANCA Duna 915 Piombo
Duna 915 Piombo
PIANCA Duna 804 Lavagna
Duna 804 Lavagna
PIANCA Duna 931 Nero
Duna 931 Nero

Interior configurations

Pianca configurations

Hanging rod

Wooden shelf

Internal partition

trouser rack

wooden shelves

Floor sitting
drawer unit

Wooden cubby

Shoe rack