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In the field of refrigeration and freezing, the name Liebherr stands for outstanding products and the most extensive product range in the world. Every single appliance is developed and produced with the aim of being the best in the world. Liebherr is one of the world-leading businesses making premium-class fridges and freezers. Materials and components of the highest quality ensure not just incomparable product reliability, but also a unique design. During the production process, every appliance is tested intensively for quality and functionality.


All appliances are made in line with ISO 900, the most stringent international quality standard, and also comply with the international environmental management standard ISO 14001. In addition, Liebherr tests each new product in professional sound booths to ensure that the noise level is as low as possible. As a result, the appliances are among the quietest on the market.


Super Quiet

Noise is kept to a minimum thanks to virtually silent, speed-controlled, and speciallyabsorbed compressors. Alongside a low noise cooling circuit, these features ensure exact performance, energy efficiency, and SuperQuiet operation.

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Smart Steel

Available on select freestanding/semi built-in models, SmartSteel finish significantly reduces the visibility of fingerprints, is easy to clean, and is scratch resistant. Simply wipe with a dry or damp cloth to maintain this beautiful exterior.

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Soft System

SoftSystem integrated into the appliance door cushions the door closure, eliminating slamming even when shelves are fully loaded. In built-in appliances, the door will close automatically from an opening angle of approx. 30°.

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Liebherr refrigerators and freezers are famous for energy efficiency, reliability and environmental friendliness.

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The BioFresh app gives you instant access to nutritional information and shelf life, right from your smartphone or tablet.

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Infinity Spring

A seamlessly integrated, flush-mounted internal water dispenser that’s there when you need it, and virtually invisible when you don’t.

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All Liebherr refrigeration products are capable of self-diagnosis thanks to an electronic system that detects and analyzes any error or malfunction, for a quick service answer.

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Soft Telescopic

BioFresh and pull-out drawers with SoftTelescopic – a highly practical self-retracting, self-closing feature – makes daily use convenient and secure. The drawers are fully extendible and removable from a door opening angle of 90°.

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Super Cool / Super Frost

Simply quick chill and/or freeze just-bought groceries to preserve optimal freshness. The automatic SuperCool function lowers the refrigerator temperature down as far as 35°F for as long as 12 hours, while SuperFrost can quickly chill down to – 25°F.


Where better to present style and good taste than the kitchen? The kitchen is the heart of every house, and the lines between living and cooking have become blurred. That is why Liebherr treats fridges as design and lifestyle objects, an approach that has been validated by numerous awards, such as the Reddot Design Award, the IF Product Design Award and the Interior Design Award.


A wide range of freestanding appliances available in sizes of 24 to 60 inches.

fully integrated

Seamlessly integrate into any kitchen’s design. They are available in sizes of 24 to 72 inches.

monolith columns

Available in sizes of 24 to 72 inches.

undercounter & beverages

For kitchens with less space, under-worktop and drinks refrigerators provide an ideal solution. Available in a size of 24 inches.


Wine storage cabinets available in sizes of 18, 24, and 28 inches.

Built-in wine storage

Maximum number of 0.75 l Bordeaux bottles: 18
1 Temperature zones