Day wall system

We offer modular compositions of accessorised walls for the living room, each with its own special, unique characteristics.

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Alf DaFrè offers Accessorised wall for living rooms, dining rooms, studies, entrances, bedrooms and hallways. Each Alf DaFrè designer composition has a wide variety of materials and finishes to choose from, for furniture that is made to measure for the space it is going to inhabit.

Storing, organising, enhancing. With its day systems, Pianca gives space and prominence to objects in the home, and creates combinations with multiple functions. With a wide range of modules and arrangements, there is no limit to the versatility of these solutions, that look perfect in every room. Sizes, combinations, colours and textured finishes can be customised extensively, embodying contemporary elegance, with simple style and elegant details.

The living area is the place where we spend part of our free time or time we want to spend with guests. Alf DaFrè offers three modular compositions of accessorised walls for the living room, each with its own special, unique characteristics. Each Alf DaFrè designer living area composition has a wide variety of materials and finishes to choose from, for furniture that is made to measure for the space it is going to inhabit.


Antis is Alf DaFrè’s innovative accessorised wall with bookcase for the living area. Innovative and versatile, it is based on a build using uprights that can be fitted with storage units, shelves and accessories. This hanging accessorised wall is available with wall or ceiling attachment, and can also be positioned in the centre of the room to act as a partition or to divide up the living spaces.

My Space

My Space is the wall-mounted modular bookcase that can be used to furnish any type of space or function. Using extra-thick side panels you can make up an infinite number of compositions of single- or double-sided accessorised bookcases for the wall or the centre of the room, with partitions, storage units, display cabinets and entertainment units.

Day Collection

Day Collection is the modern accessorised wall that has long been Alf DaFrè’s pièce de résistance.  The different ways to set up this designer accessorised wall are almost unlimited, as it offers various types of storage units, benches, shelves, open compartments, display cabinets and entertainment units.


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The Pianca bookcases allow the living area to be optimally customized. Modularity and flexibility combine for a clean, linear design. The space is furnished to measure for great freedom of expression.


Regular, symmetrical geometrical designs evoke a reassuring sense of order. The modular Unless bookcase plays around with the idea of repetition, offering structures than can easily be expanded horizontally or vertically, created from one basic module. A simple slot-in mechanism creates spatial repetitions with subtle, minimal design, that blend into their setting in a very natural way. The Unless bookcase also makes a stunning room divider with the additional possibility of fitting small drawers.


Arranging a customized space for everything, creating distinctive combinations and balancing open and closed spaces. The classic bookcase concept opens up to new versatile possibilities, providing a place to store objects, books and a TV screen, dividing areas of the home and integrating home office solutions. It is the first modular system with side panels, shelves, back panels and dividers with 1 cm pace as standard, and compartments with no visible holes or hardware.


Geometric design meets sophisticated detail. Elegance is the key to rediscovering the beauty of everyday living. The modular People system is the perfect solution for those who love to see their ideas take shape, customising their home interiors with freedom and refined beauty. The mitre-folding carcass and absence of handles create a flowing, subtle design, with contrasting luxurious accent details, like the spacer elements, backlit glass shelves, new hard leather fronts and back panels in materico marble.


Spazio is the very essence of functionality. With close attention to details and a love of textures, it offers a range of modules, sizes and finishes unrivalled in their variety and flexibility. Spazio is ideal for every room in the home and has something to satisfy the tastes and requirements of everyone. The latest additions include marbled glass, mirror glass, backlit shelves, back panels in materico marble, new metal finishes for handles and the luxurious leather model.