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Infinite possibilities and customized surfaces from spain

Silestone® is the hybrid surface of premium minerals, quartz and recycled materials more advanced and sustainable on the market, manufactured with the exclusive and innovative HybriQ® technology.

HybriQ+® (Plus) represents a step further in the pursuit of sustainability throughout Cosentino’s value chain. Silestone® products with HybriQ+® technology contain a minimum of 20% recycled materials, such as glass, in their composition.


Sustainability and innovation come together in a surface composed of minerals, quartz, and recycled materials that provide depth of color and high performance.

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acid and scratch resistant

Silestone® has a high level of scratch and impact resistance, as well as resistance to external aggressors such as acids common in daily kitchen use

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impact resistant

The high impact resistance of Silestone® allows the handling of hard objects (pots, pans, trays, etc.) with total peace of mind

stain resistance

Silestone® is a non-porous surface that is highly resistant to stains from coffee, wine, lemon juice, oil, vinegar, makeup and many other everyday products

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Infinite possibilities for indoor applications. Jumbo format allows for the creation of large surfaces with minimal jointing, design versatility, and better hygiene. This way, the slabs’ use is optimized and waste minimized.


Large format

Jumbo Slab → 128”x 63”
Standard Slab → 120” x 55”


tile formats

24” x 12”
24” x 16”
24” x 24”
16” x 16”
12” x 12”


12 mm
20 mm
30 mm
Custom thiknesses adding different pieces


In order to adapt to all styles, Silestone® offers different textures for any of its applications. Polished, Suede or Volcano are three possibilities that make your imagination soar and have the countertops, floors or walls with the texture you have always wanted.



Extremely glossy and smooth texture with intense and consistent color.



A matte finish offers a unique soft and pleasent feel.


A rough, rustic texture, which is also attractive, soft, and pleasant.


Customized cutting and polishing processes can be used for Silestone®, creating edges of all types. This section details some of the most popular ones requested by our customers, but the possibilities are limitless.

Edges 3/4’’
Edges 3/4”
Edges 1-1/4’’
Edges 1-1/4’’
Edges 1-1/2’’
Edges 1-1/2’’
Other edges
Other edges

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Silestone Stellar Night
Silestone Ethereal Haze
Silestone Eternal Et Bella