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Wardrobes with sliding doors are the right choice when there isn’t much space available to open the doors.

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innovative customizable modular design from italy

Sliding wardrobes are an elegant, modern solution for furnishing the bedroom or any other room of the house. Thanks to their frame, modern sliding door wardrobes let you save space and organise your clothes and accessories efficiently.

Alf DaFrè wardrobes with sliding doors come in a wide range of configurations, finishes and modular builds. The modern sliding wardrobe, with its clean lines and minimalist design, is also perfect for contemporary interior decor.

How sliding doors wardrobe works

The sliding doors are equipped with an assisted- closing mechanism.

The wardrobe with sliding doors, with its frame with two doors that run on tracks, is an excellent solution for anyone looking for a functional, practical wardrobe. This type of wardrobe is ideal for bedrooms, but can be used as a coat cupboard or wall cupboard too.

The bedroom wardrobe with sliding doors is therefore the perfect solution for those wanting to save space yet still have a generously sized wardrobe.

Alf DaFre mechanisms, made of state-of-the-art materials, are tested for over 80,000 opening cycles and guarantee longevity and reliability over time.


Display is a sliding wardrobe with a glass door with a metal frame around the edge. The sliding door is available in clear glass, mirror or grey mirror.
Glass doors let you display and protect your things at the same time: The Display wardrobe with sliding doors does this with a metal frame in an exclusive design: a rectangular section which, in its profile, hides the mechanisms to open it quietly and elegantly.


Frame is a wardrobe with sliding door that combines two contrasting finishes. Available in multiple finishes, even with silk-screened glass.
Frame is a bedroom wardrobe with sliding door that is highly customisable. It even lets you combine one finish for the frame with a different one for the door panel on the side, all framed by a slim metal profile. But it is with its silk-screened glass panels that Frame comes into its own.
 Three modern interpretations of door panels with modern, captivating designs, suitable for furnishing a modern, contemporary bedroom area.


Glide is a wardrobe with sliding doors made up of different panels, whose combination creates the handle for opening.
By combining different finishes for the panel and strip, this door allows plays of contrasts to be created, as your tastes may demand.


The design of the Quadra wardrobe with sliding doors is distinguished by the very thick border that surrounds the central panel in a contrasting finish.
The contrast between the door panel and border defines the style of Quadra. Being able to use leather in the central panel increases the number of possible combinations in the bedroom area.


Rain is a door featuring vertical machined work that creates an unusual visual effect. It is available in wood or lacquered finish.
The inspiration for this door comes from rain and the tracks left by raindrops on a surface.This gives rise to a design inspired by nature, a visual reference that becomes a style.


Rubic is a modern wardrobe with a sliding door that features the juxtaposition of panels of different thicknesses. The combination of contrasting finishes creates further pleasing visual and tactile effects.
To add personality to the Rubic door, we find not only contrasting finishes but also visual layers created by the play of different thicknesses.
The vertical metal profile for the full height completes its style, making opening easy.


As the name implies, Simple is a wardrobe with sliding doors characterised by the simplicity and linearity of its shapes. A design that goes perfectly and discreetly in any domestic environment.
A smooth panel is like a sheet of paper, ready to be personalised to your taste.The Simple wardrobe with sliding doors allows you to personalise the room with the vast array of finishes available and with no less than 9 different handles.


Split is a wardrobe with sliding doors with an elegant door in a minimalist design. The handle to open it is provided by vertical profiles that are perfectly integrated along the full height.
What might be the simplest and most practical solution for opening the door in a modern wardrobe with sliding doors?
The answer is Split. Its vertical metal profile allows for easy opening along the full height of the door but does not impinge upon the wardrobe’s minimalist design.


The design of the door of this wardrobe with sliding doors is distinguished by the contrast between two strips that make up the door panel.
The narrower strip accommodates special machining work that forms the handle to open it.
Strip is a door with a unique design: a vertical strip in a contrasting finish adds rhythm to the surface of this fitted wardrobe with sliding doors.
Within it a brief horizontal gap forms the handle to open it.


Vision is a wardrobe with sliding door that’s available in wood, lacquer or glass, and whose large-sized panels are edged by vertical strips for the full height that act as a handle for opening.
The vertical metal profiles delineate and define the Vision door. By combining the glass or mirror finishes on one or all of the doors the space within the bedroom area can be visually expanded.

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Wardrobes: Display, Rain, Simple, Sliver, Split, Vision

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