Dutch design meets global ingenuity

Gas and induction cooktop systems seamlessly integrate into virtually any countertop material.

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Beauty and innovation from the Netherlands

With a signature mix of dramatic style, meticulous craftsmanship, and innovative technology, Tulip Cooking brings creativity to the discerning kitchen — helping home chefs express their passion for cooking in the most personalized way possible. Our exceptional gas and induction cooktop systems are made for seamless integration into virtually any countertop.

Our cooktops showcase the brightest innovations in the field — from the world’s only modular induction cooktop with flexible burner placement, to gas burners with optimal flame control . Tulip Gas has state-of-the-art controls offering superior flame control and greater fuel efficiency. Our induction cooktops offer faster cooking, better energy efficiency, and enhanced safety.


Tulip Cooking induction cooktops instill any countertop with sleek, minimalist design that can be personalized to suit your imagination. Experience the latest in cooking innovation, from faster cooking to better energy efficiency. You can even install induction and gas burners together — the perfect pairing.

Suitable for virtually any countertop material (*Except wood, Corian®, and similar solid surfaces), Tulip Cooking gas cooktops enhance any kitchen with striking, contemporary Dutch design. Custom-tailor the look to your tastes, and enjoy advanced technology that brings an elevated experience for the home chef.

Tulip Cooking

Smart Pad Technology

Tulip Cooking offers the world’s only modular induction cooktop with flexible burner placement. The striking, gloss-black cooktop surface complements any kitchen, while the burners are available in two sizes: medium and large.

Tulip Cooking

3 Gas cooktops sizes to your tastes

Wok Burner/ Simmer

Tulip Cooking

Beautiful and expressive style

Control knobs are available in black, red, or stainless steel.

Tulip Cooking

Burner Trim Color

The burner trim is available in your choice of timeless brass or sleek black.


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