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Designed to withstand the elements these outdoor kitchens are a testament to innovation, enabling you to create unforgettable gatherings and delectable feasts in the open air.

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Nothing beats the flavor and experience of outdoor cooking! Keep your indoor areas cool while enjoying delicious smoky grilled flavors with your favorite beverages close-at-hand. Combine modern cabinets, appliances, and finishes to make a modern open-air space with great taste. Nothing beats the durability and style of cabinetry designed and built for outdoor use made by Urban Bonfire.


The Urban Bonfire Framework is designed and engineered to ensure quality, longevity and ease of implementation.

Cabinet Dimensions

Width varies with cabinet model.
Depth: 28 ¾”
Height: 35 ⅝” – 37 ⅜”

Urban Bonfire

Universal Track System

integrates seamlessly with fixed shelves, pull-out drawers, a peg system and a garbage/recycling system

Pull-out Refuse & Recycling System

Effortlessly manage waste, streamlining your kitchen’s sustainability

Retractable Drawer Accessory

Experience unrivaled durability and convenience with our Heavy Duty Retractable Drawer Accessory, designed to optimize storage while ensuring effortless access to your essentials

Full Depth Shelves

Maximize storage potential and keep your kitchen organized, providing ample space for all your culinary necessities

Flush Mount Drawers

Achieve a seamless and contemporary kitchen design, blending functionality and style in perfect harmony

Pull-out Storage Peg System

Adaptable and efficient organization for your cooking essentials

Slatwall Backsplash

A versatile and stylish solution for hanging utensils, pots, plants, and more

self-leveling toe kick

Adapts to slope and outdor site conditions. Simple removal and replacement designed for easy cleaning or seasonal maintenance


More than just beautiful aesthetics and finishes, our rugged cabinetry modules are domestically built and carefully assembled from quality materials and finished by experienced craftspeople.

Urban Bonfire

NACRAĒ™ Finish

Now with revolutionary, all natural, anti-microbial protection, NACRAĒ™ is engineered for life outdoors.

Urban Bonfire’s NACRAĒ™ finish was inspired by the beauty, strength and resilience of mother-of-pearl. Each finish is crafted with a micro-textured formulation that preserves and protects beauty in all climates, creating a stable depth of color in any outdoor environment.

Standard feature on all Urban Bonfire products and accessories.

Urban Bonfire

Durable, 4-season formulation that resists scratches, fading and stains even in harsh climates.

Urban Bonfire

FDA-approved and environmentally sustainable materials and process.

Urban Bonfire

Integrated all-natural anti-microbial properties for maximum safety and freshness.

Urban Bonfire

A collection of specialty colors developed in collaboration with iconic designers.

Powder Coating Finishes

Our custom formulated “Super Durable” finishes are applied to AAMA 2604 standards. A slight textured finish adds depth to the colors and resists fingerprints. Available in 6 curated designer-inspired colors.

This crisp white works in almost any outdoor setting. Reflecting tones of silk and clean linen.


Urban Bonfire

An elegant and versatile rich beige. Enhances the mood and atmosphere of any classic outdoor space.


Urban Bonfire

Dark gray finish with a warm bronze undertone. Designed to accent wood and natural limestone.


Urban Bonfire

Warm dark gray with bronze undertones. Adds a refined touch to any outdoor environment.


Urban Bonfire

Modern dark gray with slate undertones. Elevates contemporary and outdoor urban environments.


Urban Bonfire

Deep, dark black that is sure to create a standout piece in any environment.


Urban Bonfire

Marine Grade Aluminum

Non-combustible, thick gauge marine grade aluminum construction for all Urban Bonfire cabinets, planters, accessories and backsplash systems. Urban Bonfire’s marine grade aluminum is twice as thick as most stainless steel cabinetry on the market, yet lighter in weight. Aluminum is easy to transport and cooperates well during installations. It is the ideal material for extreme climates (snow, ice, salt water, humidity) and long-term quality.

Urban Bonfire

304 Stainless Steel Hardware

We use outdoor grade 304 stainless steel for our door slides, hinges, pulls and leveling legs.


Each cabinet includes our premium outdoor grade 316 stainless steel handle.
For added resistance against harsh climates, and for greater personalization, these handles are also available with NACRAĒpowder coated finishes as an ™ upgrade.

Urban Bonfire

Upgrade Options

“Living Finish” Solid Bronze
These handles are constructed from highly durable solid bronze. They include a “living finish” that protects them from excessive corrosion and allows them to age naturally in their environment. Like all bronze products, these handles gain character as they weather and age with expected changes in tone.

Urban Bonfire
PULL (341)
Urban Bonfire
URBAN (337)
Urban Bonfire
BAUHAUS (3312)


Grill Base Cabinet

Warming Drawer Insert

Side and Power Burner Cabinets

Kamado Cabinets

Utility Cabinets

Large Utility Cabinets

Storage Cabinet with Single Drawer

Pull-out Refuse Cabinet with Single Drawer

Sink Cabinets

Corner Module

Undercounter Appliance Kits

Flush Mount Cabinet

Spacer Modules

Open Shelving Cabinets

End Panels

Back Panels

Louvered Back Panels

Slatwall Backsplash

Clip-in Planter

Trough Planter

Partition Planter

Countertop Planter

Cube Planter

Column Planter


The Urban Bonfire Classics Collection offers a selection of our most popular outdoor kitchen configurations, colors and accessories. Designed to fit various spaces and entertainment needs, our series feature functional storage, sinks and faucets, and compatibility with industry-leading brands.

We are dedicated to creating designs that are expressions of our clients’ individuality. This passion for creative design makes the art of developing custom outdoor kitchen solutions highly engaging and interactive. We believe that custom outdoor kitchen systems should reflect the lifestyle, aesthetic and spatial parameters of every individual client.

Classic Collection and Custom Design