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Adds style and practicality to bathrooms and laundry rooms

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ultimate functionality, flexibility and modular freedom from italy

IDEAGROUP continuously strives to develop new space-saving solutions, brand-new styles, and a wide range of finishes. The BLOB line features a variety of washbasin options and innovative modular solutions to build practical, modern bathrooms.


The Play bathroom décor collection embraces customisation as a harmonious, versatile design element.


System by Blob, the new furnishing collection designed to add style and character to modern bathrooms. Essential design, ultimate functionality, flexibility and modular freedom.


Moon by Blob identifies a new, innovative product concept that highlights the bathroom cabinet with curved ceramic wash basin that adapts to the curves of the storage unit underneath.


The Blob design philosophy has produced Smyle, a collection of bathroom furniture that combines good looks and functionality to provide a modern, practical bathroom that will adapt to any space thanks to its versatility and distinctive character.